What a great table to have in every sitting room. Simple design, beautiful looking and light & easy to move around. 3woodsdesigns is always on the cutting edge of new ideas and quick to offer unique products and services to our customers.

We at 3woodsdesigns have been producing unique stylish products in Western Australia in the Margaret River region for over three years now and our business is in good shape and growing.

It was an awesome time at 3woodsdesigns, when in mid October 2016 the company announced the release of its new carefully designed, handcrafted Surfboard coffee table.

It has been a big hit and we have had many customers call us to get their table and ask about the types of wood used. Many of them even mentioned the fact that they had previously purchased our other products and would be more than happy if we could custom design the Surfboard table for their specific need. So a very special thanks goes out to our customers, to our sustainable wood suppliers and to everyone who trusted and helped us both directly and indirectly to keep our business growing.

Musa Agri/ designer/ maker 3woodsdesigns