Welcome to Three Bears online store. Our goal is to bring quirky current interesting fashion to Australia and New Zealand.  If you have any problems please let us know! If you are accesing the site on a iphone or ipad please click on the catalogue link above to see whats available. If you are in Perth and you want to save on shipping you can use the pick up at store option to ensure you don't miss out on your size. If you would like to try something on, drop by the store at 339 Cambridge Street, Wembley. Our aim to to keep our customers happy, we hope we made your experience memorable. We only put some of our stock online or on facebook (link below) and some stock we just release instore. Enjoy!

We bring a range of leather and patchwork Jackets in from around the globe of a very high quality, styles and fabrics vary seasonaly, they are assured of being different and colourful. We try steer clear of black because well lets face it every other boutique has black jackets so our styles are for those chasing something slightly different!


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